Wikipedia says: “A barbecue grill is a device that cooks food by applying heat from below. The word barbecue can also refer to a type of social event featuring this type of cooking.”

But in the real life, it’s not always that easy… It all started a few years ago. We were having a BBQ party. I tried to flip some ribs on the grill, they fell on the charcoal, and guess what, I got burnt trying to recover the ribs !

The world definitely needed a better grill… So, I then focused on designing a BBQ system, that would be 100% safe, easy to use and fun !

After several prototypes were made, the Easy Flip Grill was born ! From now on, you’ll cook your food and not your fingers !

This is the first major innovation in the BBQ world, for years !

Easy Flip Grill is a controlled-reversal, basket-type grill.
Easy Flip’s simple and reliable mechanism allows for an easy and simultaneous flip of all your food.
Numerous included clever features, such as the multi-positions locking tool, the leaf springs, the multi tasks handle or the locking clips, makes it a fun device that all the family can use safely and conveniently.

Easy as 1,2,3 : load it, close it, flip it !

One hand operation with the Easy Flip patented handle.This is the safest BBQ system ever, as your hand never comes over the fire.

Never spoil your food again, as there is no need to remove/replace on the grate many times.

Easy flip relies on a simple & reliable mechanism.

It is maintenance-free, smooth & sturdy. All steel construction, with professional non-stick coating (Original Black model) or chrome finish (Deluxe model)

Thanks to its clever Locking Tool Easy flip allows for a healthy, fat free, vertical & multi position cooking. Enjoy your food to your personal taste, cooked to perfection.

Fix it to your existing grill or take it with you and enjoy the Easy Flip grill anywhere ! At home, in the fire place, with your RV, when you go camping, fishing, at the beach, at friends? Anywhere !

Use the patented easy leaf springs to hold your food in place, of any thickness. They are easy to install & remove, as needed.

Easy to lock ! Unique locking clips* hold both grates together. Easy to open ! Hands free unlocking with the included multi-task handle* (*patented)

Use our detachable cooking plate for a “plancha” style cooking

Last but not least, your Easy flip grill is even dishwasher safe, quite convenient !

For all the reasons cited above. The easy Flip grill upgrade allows you to experience a new way of barbecuing.

Let’s sum-up all the advantages of the Easy Flip Grill !

  • Each Easy Flip Grill comes in thin package* with: 1 handle, 1 locking tool, 2 leaf springs, 4 small feet

* If one extra accessories kit is ordered it will be added inside the parcel with your smart grate.

  • Dimensions:

540 x 350 x 70 mm

21,26 x 13,78 x 2,75 inches

  • Shipping costs are detailed when you will order your Easy Flip Grill